Sage - Crumbs Of Life
After a quiet 2016, Tasteful Nudes returns to store shelves with Sage and his vinyl debut, Crumbs Of Life. Hailing from Dublin, Sage has developed a thorough knowledge of house music over the last 10 years as a resident DJ of Subject Dublin and employee of All City Records. That rich experience seeps into the four tracks found on Crumbs Of Life, which we snatched up from a mix of all original material done for his friends, Where The Time Goes.

Sage’s music is informed by early Midwestern house and techno and stamped with his own sonic signatures—brightly melodic motifs and sharp-elbowed percussion. Whether whipping the dancefloor into shape with the hypnotic title track; letting off steam on the explosive “Longshifts”, scooping dancers into a disco bass groove on “Pears”; or lulling listeners with the deep house moods of “Botanic Jargon”, Sage makes a strong first impression on Crumbs Of Life.
This Other Space - The Tom EP
This Other Space makes his vinyl debut on Tasteful Nudes with The Tom EP. The veteran musician from Sweden launches his new alias with three perfect portions of catchy machine funk. Here the producer balances vintage sounds and contemporary angles, keeping his crunchy grooves fresh and floor-filling. The record features original artwork by Chicago artist Steven Vainberg.
Janis - You Can't See Me
Tasteful Nudes brings Frankfurt-based producer Janis into the fold for release number seven, You Can't See Me. A founder of the House Is OK label and contributor to Mirau and Smile For A While, Janis brings ravishing melodies and impeccable sound design to this three track EP. Playful but pounding, the title cut—featuring vocals by Eva Kruijssen—teases listeners into a game of dancefloor hide-and-seek. Meanwhile, "Tender Love" wraps dancers in fuzzy synth lines and hazy vocals by Denise Frickenschmidt, as a deep, creeping bass line warms their feet. The rustic majesty of "Es Neschtle", strung with samples recorded in the family cottage, sets hearts aflutter with soaring strings and swelling melodies. The record artwork features an original photograph by Chicago artist Olivia Coran.
Anaxander - An Orderly Life EP
Tasteful Nudes welcomes prolific French producer Anaxander to the fold for our sixth release, An Orderly Life EP. Past records for Boe Recordings, Local Talk, Dame-Music, Quintessentials, and Love What You Feel have primed astute record buyers for these four cuts: At turns dark and thumping, melodic and melancholic, and hypnotically whirling, each track finds Anaxander expanding on American dance music influences to create something wholly his own. The record artwork features an original photo by Los Angeles photographer Armando Christian Armenta.
ROYER - Tough Questions EP
ROYER, a talented young French producer and designer based in Copenhagen, provides the fifth Tasteful Nudes release—the Tough Questions EP. Its four tracks reveal a stunning depth to this newcomer's aesthetic, at turns delicately gorgeous and boisterous fun placed inside punchy, hip-hop informed house grooves. It's also the first Tasteful Nudes release to arrive its own full artwork jacket, designed by ROYER himself.
The Citizen's Band - Smalltown
Blues EP
Tasteful Nudes is honored to host the Smalltown Blues EP by Christian Beisswenger, whose music as CB Funk, Arto Mwambe, and The Citizen's Band has been hugely influential on the label's sound. The EP's four tracks showcase four compelling facets of The Citizen's Band sound: the ethereal stomp of the title track; "Disrupted"'s livewire techno synthesis; the modular adventures of "Eddy's Theme"; and a dark, mischievous Italo workout on "Freefall".
Borai - Last Time Out
Borai returns to helm Tasteful Nudes' third release, Last Time Out, demonstrating his techno chops in two different ways. The title track is all techno muscle, banging out a gigantic piano riff to match the slamming percussion and hypnotic undercurrents. "Midnight Run" imagines a race through a pitch black city, layering stark pads and sparkling riffs atop its gas-guzzling bass line. Both whip the dance floor into shape.
Sabre - Bali/Ging
Hailing from the bairros of Lisbon, the Portuguese duo Sabre take the helm of Tasteful Nudes' second single. The young pair follow up an EP for W.T. Records by expressing adoration for German proto-techno on a majestic scale across a sub-tropical backdrop. "Bali" comes on like a strong cup of psychedelic tea, leaping from a tapestry of gamelan plucks to gigantic, growling bass lines and prismatic synth arpeggios. "Ging" channels Manuel Göttsching's hypnotic synth lines with the dance floor in mind, rubbing shoulders with a gregarious 303 bass line.
Borai - Moonlight On The Malago
Tasteful Nudes' inaugural release, Moonlight On The Malago, is the debut solo release of Bristol producer Borai, who has found acclaim collaborating with DJ October on labels including Simple Music and Apple Pips.